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Ottawa Public Health’s guidelines for handling donations

This PDF from Ottawa Public Health contains some helpful guidelines for how to handle the donations you receive at your site.

Prior to collecting donations

  • Recruit a team of volunteers who are willing to help collect and sort donated items
  • Share the list of acceptable items with your church congregation so that they are clear about what type of donations will and will not be accepted
  • Remind the congregation that all items should be new – used items or open packages cannot be accepted
  • Plan for a regular day and time each week when donations can be dropped off
  • Plan to have a spot where donations can be left untouched for at least 48 hours after the collection day before sorting happens


Collection of donations (follow OPH guidelines provided)

  • If possible plan for a curbside handsfree drop off of donation items
  • Store donations for at least 48 hours before sorting through them
  • It is best to have a consistent day and time each week when your site will accept items


Delivery of donations to depot sites

  • ensure that all bags/boxes are labelled with your church name and what items are inside
  • ensure that all items to be dropped off are new and adhere to our list of acceptable items
  • deliver items to one of our depots – send us a note below to receive the details of our depot sites…

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