Your church can adopt a long term health care facility  or a retirement home today!

Your church could make a significant difference to a long term health care facility or a retirement home in your community. Respond Ottawa wants to encourage churches across our region to show God’s love to others by making a connection with one of these facilities in your area during this time of crisis.

As staff cope with the stresses of working in these vulnerable places, there are many ways that the church can reach out to show compassion and appreciation for their hard work and bravery during this challenging time. We’ve compiled a list of facilities that your church might be able to partner with.  Choose a facility close to your church or one that has special meaning for your church.

When you have identified a facility you would like to “adopt”, contact us below to let us know!  We want to watch for ways that multiple churches might be able to work together to bless a facility in their area!

Adopt a long term health care facility or retirement home today!


How can you serve these facilities and their staff?


Keep the residents and staff in your prayers. Identify a contact person and get to know their needs. Let them know you are praying for them and perhaps you may wish to organize a prayer walk around the home.


Bless the staff with a gift of food. Organize a delivery of food from a local restaurant. Or you could ask the facility if they accept home-made food contributions before delivering.

Personal Touches

Cards and flowers may be a welcome gesture but you can also be creative in your expressions of appreciation in the weeks to come while observing restrictions.

Let’s do what we can to lift up these facilities and their dedicated workers by showing them the churches in their neighbourhood care about them.

Long Term Care Facilities
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Retirement Homes
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